General conditions

These General Conditions of Contract (hereinafter General Conditions) regulate the process of buying and selling the products offered by (hereinafter in the catalog available on its website .

The General Conditions bind and the buyer (Customer), granting them a series of rights and obligations, from the moment in which the latter makes and accepts an order through the aforementioned page. They are mandatory and knowledgeable by both parties, so their acceptance when registering as a customer is essential to be able to formalize an order. Therefore, the Customer must read these conditions carefully.

The headings of the different clauses are only informative, and will not affect, qualify or extend the interpretation of the General Conditions.

These General Conditions will be regulated by the provisions in the current legal regulations.

1. Parties involved

Company owner: 
Name: Luis Corraliza Sanchez
NIF: 4857077-Y 
Registered Office: C / San Juan Bautista N10 1A - 45600 - Talavera de la Reina - Toledo 
E-mail (e-mail):

Customer shall be deemed to any user of the Web you place an order and its acceptance at the same at the time of its completion.

The Client must register as such and provide the following data in order to be able to place the order: name and surname or company name, CIF / NIF, address of invoice, address of delivery, contact telephone number and contact email. At this time, you must accept these General Conditions.

These data provided by the Customer will be treated in accordance with the Terms of Use of the website (section "Legal Notice")

2. Purpose of the contract

The sale of the products offered by on your Web by the Customer. These are products of laser pointers intended for private consumption.

3. Tender Offer

The offer is limited to the products that appear on the Web, and is valid for purchases worldwide.

Each product has a data sheet that shows the technical characteristics of the product, the brand, the model, photographs, the sales price with the VAT included in Peninsula and Balearic Islands, and the availability period of the product in view of its delivery and delivery to the Customer.

The total cost of the order will be communicated to the Client at the moment of making your order and in advance of the acceptance of the same. 
The price of the products is the one that appears on the Web at the time of placing the order.

4. Acceptance of the offer

Occurs at the time in which the Customer gives express consent to the order placed. Previously, in the same of registering as a client, the client must have accepted the General Conditions.

5. Payment orders

There are three ways to pay the price set for each order, from which you can choose the Client:

A) Payment in advance by bank transfer:

The Client must make a bank transfer to the account of for the amount of the price of the products of the order. In the transfer must indicate the order number (the number is automatically assigned by the system when the order is completed); In addition to indicating as beneficiary of the same to

The transfer must be made within a maximum period of ten days from the completion of the order to the bank account that will appear after the purchase. If there is no proof of payment within that period, the order will be canceled automatically.

B) Payment through card:

The customer can choose the payment through his card, being realized the operation at the moment of realization of the order. The payment by card is 100% sure. 

6. Delivery of Orders

The delivery times of the orders depend on the availability of the product or products that compose them, availability that is indicated in the tabs of each of the products in the catalog of the Web The terms of availability, for the purpose of computing time for the delivery of orders, will be those that appear advertised on the page at the time the order is placed by the buyer.

In the formalized orders in the payment mode in advance, also will be taken into account for the calculation of the delivery deadlines the proof of the realization of the payment by the Client by bank transfer or cash income in the bank account number Indicated by

However, this period of availability may be modified in the case of simultaneous orders for the same product or products that lead to the end of the product stock. The new delivery time will be indicated to the Client in the shortest possible time. If the end of stock is definitive, the Customer will be advised to choose between choosing a product other than similar characteristics and a price similar to the product sold, or cancel your order, returning the money paid in advance in the case of orders with modality Payment in advance.

Delays in deliveries of more than ten days according to the availability term, delay attributable to, will entitle the Customer to the cancellation of his order if he so manifests in writing by email to the address And, where applicable, the money paid in advance, and without any claim for damages, present or future, direct or indirect.

Delivery times will depend on the type of shipment chosen by customer, will appear during the purchase process. These terms are always approximate and at no time insured, therefore they will never be a valid reason for the rejection of the package or cancellation of the purchase, the client understands and assumes his acceptance as well as the claim of the expenses incurred that I generated if not complete the purchase for this reason.

Orders not delivered to the Customer within seven days of being sent for reasons not attributable to will be returned to the seller, the order being canceled for all purposes, being returned to the Client, if any, the money paid In advance, and without any claim for damages, present or future, direct or indirect.

The delivery will be made door-to-door in the delivery address indicated in the order shipping data. The subsequent modification of this address may generate a series of expenses that will be borne by the Customer.

The orders will be delivered by transport company in the delivery address indicated by the Customer and the person who has been fixed as the recipient of the same. This information will be included in the delivery note of the transport company, which will also indicate the number of packages of the shipment, the total weight, the order number and the reimbursement (only in cases of orders made in the payment method against refund).

Deliveries of bulky or overweight products, or of products that present difficulties for delivery, will be delivered on the portal of the indicated address.

In addition to the delivery note, a purchase invoice will be delivered to the customer with each order, by e-mail.

If the invoice is missing, the Customer can request it by e-mail to the address, indicating the name of the invoice holder and the order number, and will be sent to you again by e-mail.

If, at the time of delivery, it is clearly and clearly visible, without the need to handle the shipping packaging or the packaging of the product, that a product has defects caused by damage to the conveyance or, in the same way, Error in the goods received, the Customer must record it in the delivery note and communicate it to (by e-mail addressed to the address within 24 hours after receipt Of the order in order to be able to request the return of the affected product and with it the replacement by a new one or the refund of the price paid by the same one.

The defects produced in the transport that are only appreciable after unpacking the product must be communicated in the first 24 hours from the reception of the order by electronic mail addressed to the address, indicating the damages caused in the product and Requesting the return of the affected product and with it the replacement by a new one or the refund of the price paid by the same one.

7. Cancellation of orders

Only cancellations of orders will be accepted if your order has not yet been sent. In case it had already been prepared but not sent if you wish to cancel it you can do so assuming a cost of 10€ which will be discounted from the amount already paid as the order processing. If you have not yet paid your order for choosing a method of payment upon delivery, you must pay the 10€ through bank deposit in any of the accounts that will be provided, if you do not assume and acknowledge such debt with Which will take the legal measures it deems appropriate to recover this amount. If your order has already been sent you can send it back within a maximum period of 14 days, but the shipping costs will be borne by the customer / buyer, plus you will be deducted from the amount to be returned 15€ for shipping costs on our part and Processing of the order.

The obligation of the buyer / customer is to ensure that the requested product is the one that you want and in case of doubt about it it is the obligation of the buyer / customer to contact to inquire about the product before its purchase.

In case the purchase, once sent, is refused by the recipient / customer for reasons other than, he may claim the shipping costs to the recipient of the same, forcing the latter to pay the total shipping costs incurred Which will be estimated at 20€.

8. Product Warranty

The legal framework of guarantee (Law 23/2003, of July 10, on guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods) aims to provide the Client with different options to demand sanitation when the acquired good does not conform to the contract, giving him The option of requiring repair or replacement of the good, unless it is impossible or disproportionate. When the repair or replacement is not possible or unsuccessful, the consumer may demand the price reduction or the termination of the contract. The products have a warranty of 2 years from the date of receipt of the shipment. The manufacturers of the products are solely responsible for the guarantee and provide the necessary technical and after-sales support. In case the customer has any type of problem with a product, please contact the Technical Assistance Service (SAT) determined by each manufacturer.

By virtue of this, will respond to the Customer of any lack of conformity that exists at the time of delivery of the products of the order, understood as goods for private consumption.

The guarantee of is 6 months as a distributor, after 6 months from the date of order the guarantee is offered directly by the manufacturer. in case of failure of one of these products will provide the buyer with the address of the manufacturer to send the same for repair or replacement. The expenses of this return will be borne by the buyer in any case. 
· If the defect comes to light during the first 6 months from the delivery of the good, it is presumed that the anomaly already existed when he bought it and the consumer does not have to prove anything. 
· However, where the lack of conformity manifests itself after 6 months and in doubtful cases, the manufacturer could require an independent expert report to process the guarantee. In obvious cases of malfunction or irregular operation under warranty period there is no problem. 
In any case, during the time that the consumer is deprived of the product is suspended the calculation of the term of the guarantee; For example, if the repair of an object lasts 15 days, the warranty period will end 15 days later than originally planned.

In order to cope with this guarantee, the Customer must contact by sending an e-mail to the address in which it will indicate: name of the invoice holder, order number, number Invoice and cause of non-conformity.

If you need to send us your product for review, the shipping address will be provided. The shipping costs will be borne by the customer. Next to the damaged item must include the copy of the purchase invoice and the warranty agreement correctly signed by the Technical Support. After 7 days from the customer's claim to, if the product has not been processed and delivered in the place indicated by the Technical Support, our department will not accept the claim and will cancel said request by canceling any type of Warranty on the appliance. If a damaged component is received due to poor packaging, we will not take care of the repair. Notifying the problem to the customer and solving it directly by the client and transport agency. Any material that does not comply with these characteristics will be shipped back to you, even if the material complies with other parts of the warranty. If you choose an unsecured shipping method and the package is damaged, the customer will be responsible for the loss. 

- Process of guarantee.

A) If the receipt of the product proves that the damage is covered by the warranty conditions, once repaired or replaced will be returned to the customer without expenses.

· Repair or replace. The first thing to do is to send the product to repair or replace it with a new one. The choice rests with the seller, who will decide on the basis of the expenses generated by each option: if one of them is disproportionate to the other, the seller can choose the most convenient to their interests, as long as the consumer does not assume greater Disadvantages. In the event that the same article is not available, a change in an equal or greater benefit article will be made, always informing it and prior acceptance, and provided that the request by the client is not disproportionate, as indicated in Law 23/2003 of July 10 of Guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods (BOE no. 165 of 11-07-2003) 
· Price reduction or termination of the contract. When it is not possible (or reasonable) to replace the product with a new one, when the repair or replacement does not serve to leave the product in conditions of conformity, when the time period is exaggerated ... the consumer can decide between asking for a reduction of the price Or terminate the contract (as long as the lack of conformity is important). In addition, the consumer has the right to be compensated for damages. for reasons other than the company, does not commit to the delivery of the product claimed in a specific period, being such time as stipulated by the wholesaler or manufacturer, a term that will be duly communicated to the customer through mail.

The return shipment will be made by regular mail, making the buyer responsible for any loss, damage or loss, in case of preferring a shipment insured and faster can choose to be returned by express courier, having to pay 3€. This amount will be paid by bank transfer.

B) If the receipt of the product proves that the equipment works perfectly, it will be returned to the customer and the customer must pay the transportation costs generated as well as handling and checking costs, estimated at a total amount of 10€. The return shipment will be made by regular mail, the buyer being responsible for any loss, damage or loss, in case of preferring a shipment insured and faster can choose to be returned by express courier, increasing the amount 3€ plus, 13 € in total. This amount will be paid by bank transfer. 

C) If, upon receipt of the product, the failure of the equipment is found to be in breach of the warranty conditions, the warranty will be voided. The item will be returned to the customer and must be paid the transportation costs generated as well as handling and checking expenses, estimated at a total amount of 10€. The return shipment will be made by regular mail, the buyer being responsible for any loss, damage or loss, in case of preferring a shipment insured and faster can choose to be returned by express courier, increasing the amount 3€ plus, 13 € in total. This amount will be paid by bank transfer. 

Once the shipment of the appliance is reviewed, the estimated costs of 5€ corresponding to any change of address or resentment, either at the request of the customer or because it is incorrectly indicated in the order, will be borne by the customer. 
If a package is returned by incorrect address, be absent, not collect or refuse, the customer will be notified when we receive it in our office so that he chooses to do with it. In case of requesting a new shipment you must pay 5€ as shipping cost. It will take a month from the notice on our part to agree a resolution, after this time without response will be considered to disregard the purchase and waiver of your articles and amount paid by them.

- Warranty cancellations.

No guarantee cases will be accepted when the products have been improperly used or not according to their characteristics by the Customer.

The products are out of warranty for the following reasons:

· Incorrect use, manipulation or maintenance by the Customer of a device or component. 
· Components burned by electrical surges or overvoltages. 
· Broken or damaged components subject to impact. 
· Incorrect repair, modification by the customer of a team. 
· Deterioration, elimination or concealment by the customer of the guarantee label or the manufacturer of all products (including labels with serial numbers and security seals). 
· Faults occurring as a result of improper use or outside the specified environmental conditions, defects in installation, or wear and tear due to normal use of the equipment. 
· Damage caused by disasters such as fires, floods, wind, earthquakes or storms. 
· Aesthetic or scratched damages in plastic materials such as casings. 
· Damage caused by impacts with other objects, falls, spills of liquids or immersion in liquids. 
· Fault as a result of manipulations by unauthorized technicians, as well as subsequent modifications or extensions not included in the original configuration. 
· Errors related to configuration errors or component incompatibilities. 
· Consumable parts, such as the battery. A reduction in battery life due to repeated charging / discharging processes is considered normal. 
· Damage by accident, abuse, misuse or improper applications. 
· Deterioration due to normal use. 
· Any damage or damage if the serial number and barcode label of the product or any of its components has been modified, deleted or removed.

9. Right of withdrawal

The Client is entitled to withdraw the order within 14 business days from receipt of the order, as set forth in Article 44 of Law 7/1996, dated January 15, on Retailing.

The Customer must inform by e-mail ( within 14 days. In this way the Customer can be informed of the procedure for returning the order (return number, shipping method and delivery address).

All merchandise must be returned in its original packaging intact, in perfect condition and without unclogging. The customer must adapt and take the appropriate measures of protection and packaging of the product to be sent to our warehouses. Otherwise reserves the right to refuse return.

Outside of this period, no order revocations will be accepted, nor will orders for the supply of goods made according to the specifications of the Customer or clearly personalized, or that, by their nature, can not be returned or can deteriorate or expire quickly; And requests for the supply of sound recordings or videos, discs and software that have been unsealed by the Client, as well as computer files, electronically supplied, capable of being downloaded or reproduced immediately for permanent use. If a package is returned incorrectly or incompletely, the customer will be notified when we receive it in our office so he can choose what he wants to do with it. You will have one month from the notice by us to agree a resolution, after this time without response will be considered that he disregards the purchase and renounces his articles and amount paid for them.

The Customer who will bear the direct cost of returning the product to Only in the event that the return is for a shipping error or other causes imputable to us we will take care of the shipping costs. We do not accept any return to freight due. The customer will be responsible for any damage caused during the transportation of the return in the product. Returns must be delivered to destination within 14 days after the date of acceptance of the return. Otherwise it will be rejected and returned.

When the Customer has exercised the right of withdrawal or the right of withdrawal, once received the goods and verified that it is in perfect condition will be obliged to return the sums paid by the Client less the expenses of shipments, payment commissions , Return costs such as bank charges and processing costs estimated at 10€. The refund of these sums will be made as soon as possible and, in any case, within a maximum period of thirty days from the withdrawal or resolution.

10. Obligations of the client

Read the present General Conditions prior to registration as a customer. 
Respect the General Conditions once the order is accepted. 
Pay the agreed prices at the time of placing the order.

11. Obligations of

Deliver the product in good condition at the posted shipping location. 
Respect the price of the orders agreed at the time of completion of the same.

12. Customer Rights

Receive the products that make up your order in perfect condition.

13. Rights

Receive payment of orders. 
Modify the prices established in your Web for your products. 
Modify the delivery times of the product depending on the availability of the same. 
Cancel orders for non-payment by the Customer. 
Cancel the Web without prior notice.

14. Notifications

For the purposes of notifications, requests and writings of any kind to which this contract gives rise, shall be deemed to be the address indicated in these General Conditions.

15. Validity of clauses

Even if a clause of this contract or one of its parts is invalid or inapplicable, the rest of the clauses or parts thereof will continue to be valid and valuable.

16. Applicable regulations

These General Conditions are governed by current Spanish legislation, and specifically by: Civil Code, Law 26/84 of June 19 General for the Defense of Consumers and Users, Law 7/98 of April 13, General Conditions of the Recruitment, Law 7/96 of 15 January on the Ordinance of Retail Trade, Directive 2000/31 EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June, Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, Law 23/2003 of July 10, Guarantees on the Sale of Consumer Goods and the regulations that develop them.


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